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Reach Forward with An Upward Gaze

Mazol Tov! We successfully ran the race all the way through 2015 … we fought the good fight by seeking, clinging and being dependent upon Father God, with trust in Jesus’ Blood for the destruction of sin and darkness in…
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God’s Story (Part 2)

Last month I shared the beginning of my story- that you are now a part of. I shared of the strong faith developed during my childhood. At the age of 18 though, this faith was shook dramatically. While attending Michigan…
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Be Of Good Cheer

My loving family of God, be of good cheer and gird your loins in the Gospel of our LORD and Savior. Yeshua (Jesus) has gone before us to pave the path to our Father’s Love. As we humbly fall to…
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Push The Reset Button: Begin With The Mind

“Yes, ma’am, I will get those oxygen tanks out to your dad’s apartment tomorrow morning.” The serviceman promised to deliver me the portable oxygen tanks for my elderly father Saturday morning, but Saturday morning came and went, and no oxygen…
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Meditate on Beauty

The purest form of beauty is found in You, O LORD: You are true beauty. Your purity, perfection and righteousness are beauty. You are beauty in motion- living, moving and active beauty. I love to sit in Your beauty. You are…
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Heaven in Our Midst

Satan and his cohorts are continually working against us to rob us of the life, joy and color, which Yeshua has purchased for us. Color and beauty are not appreciated in our every day lives. We can change this dynamic! The…
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A K.I.S.S. from God (3)

Praise God for the fresh year of 2015, birthed into existence by the Mighty hand of Elohim, our Creator God! Do you sometimes feel desperate, alone, and void of any hope in yourself and anyone else around you? Are you…
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A K.I.S.S. from God (2)

In my letter to you last month, we saw that our essence (our inherent, unchanging nature) is that of a relational being. This is due to our Creator’s first and foremost intent to make us for the purpose of having…
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A K.I.S.S from God (1)

Who are you? What is your essence? You are the creation of a relational God, who has designed your main essence and purpose to be relational: in relationship with God and with others. This is a fact that cannot be…
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Upward in Messiah Jesus

“We have heard with our ears, our fathers have told us the work that You did in their days, in the days of old. 2. You with Your own hand drove out the nations; then You planted them; You afflicted…
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