Raising the Rainbow

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Rabbi has never taken such a strong stand on an issue that impacts our society as he is right now. As I stand at his side, I have seen the Spirit of God arise in him like a fire in his belly. The LORD has inspired Him to rise up with an army to raise the rainbow as a symbol of God’s righteous, covenant love for His set apart people.

As I seek the LORD on why He has so impacted my husband at such a time as this, I see the utter depravity of mankind and Yeshua Ha Mashiach crying out to rescue Father’s sons and daughters from a trajectory of destruction and death. I see the righteous LORD who loves His creation just the way He created them.

During the days of Noah the LORD, in love and righteousness, destroyed mankind because people lived apart from Him and His ways. The Creator created male and female in His image, and His image is that of a reproducing Being that bubbles up with new life every day. He strategically saved males and females that reproduce His love and life, and then raised a rainbow that reached from the heavens down to the earth to mark His covenant of reproducing love, light, and life with those who seek Him.

As a weeping prophet who uses unordinary means of awakening God’s people (see Isaiah, Jeremiah, John the Baptist), Rabbi cries out in unordinary ways to awaken God’s people to the utter depravity of mankind and the need for God’s people to arise in God’s righteousness before it’s too late. Yeshua and His final judgement are coming soon, and there is a line being drawn in the sand. The rainbow must be raised to be revealed as God’s covenant with man for salvation.

“Like the appearance of the rainbow … Such was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the Lord. And when I saw it, I fell on my face … Ezekiel 1:28”

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