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Cynthia Schneider

Cynthia Schneider
At a very young age (5-7 y.o.), Cynthia awakened from a nap with the stark awareness of death and the terminality of life. She expressed her awareness of life ending to her grandmother, who was caring for her at the time. Grandma explained that when mortal death would occur to Cynthia that it would be as if Jesus would come to her on a white horse to carry her to heaven. This was the beginning roots of Cynthia’s strong faith and belief in this Jesus, Who would lovingly carry her to a beautiful heaven on something like a white, gentle horse.

Cynthia grew in stature and in the love of the LORD through her answered prayers, reading the Psalms and Proverbs, and through the teachings of her mother, grandmother and the Lutheran church. When she was 18, she decided to attend Michigan State University to pursue a profession in the medical field. At MSU, Cynthia encountered a variety of persons with a wide variety faiths and beliefs, such as Bahia, Moslem, and Judaism. Cynthia began to question whether this God she had come to know was truly the LORD God Almighty – the One who created all things and was in all. The LORD gifted Cynthia with this hunger to know the truth about life. She began to search for the truth through attending a variety of Bible studies, asking others about their beliefs, as well as praying at night. Her faithful nightly prayer, before falling off to sleep went like this: “LORD, if You are the Lord of lords and Lord over all the earth, I do not know it. It seems that if I had been born into a home with a different faith, such as Judaism or the Moslem faith, that I would have grown up believing something entirely different. LORD, I need you to reveal to me that you truly are the one and only Lord of lords, otherwise I can no longer believe in You. And LORD, if You are the Lord of all lords, I ask that You would send to me a man from Yourself. And, if You could, please make him “cute!” Now You do not need to answer that last part of my prayer, but I do need to know whether or not You are truly the Lord of lords. I need to know this so that I know whether or not to continue believing in You as my LORD and Savior.”

For 5 years, Cynthia prayed this prayer, and she experienced no answer to the prayer. She graduated from MSU in Nursing, had begun working as a nurse. Her new theory about life was that life was to be lived for the pursuit of happiness and for whatever would bring instant pleasure. During this season of her journey, Cynthia was sensing her life spiraling down into darkness and a depraved state, which lacked true life, joy and peace.

Cynthia returned to Cleveland, OH, where she had lived during her teen years. It was here that she ran into her old neighbor, who was Jewish, Kirt Schneider. Kirt shared with her the revelation he had of Jesus being LORD. When he spoke, she felt the Spirit of God go through her, in answer to her deepest 5-year prayer. He spoke, “I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life.” Yes, He answered her prayers through this Jewish man who did not grow up Christian! Cynthia’s life was forever changed and the LORD revealed, later, that this Jewish neighbor, Kirt Schneider, was also the one she had asked Him for … a man from Himself. And, yes, the LORD even made him cute!

The journey Rabbi and Cynthia have been on, since their marriage in 1980, has not been an easy one. “Through many trials and tribulations a man enters the Kingdom of God.” But Cynthia would never change a thing, for through each trial and each tribulation, the LORD has deepened His grip on the hearts of Cynthia and Kirt (Rabbi) Schneider. The revelation of Father’s love has touched them, in such deep places that no man can touch, over and over again. He has revealed that He has chosen them and called them to be one in His love, and that they have truly sharpened each other’s lives (as “iron sharpens iron). The LORD will complete the fullness of His great plans through their lives, and the gates of hell cannot prevail against them.

Rabbi and Cynthia have pastored multiple churches and traveled to many churches while ministering God’s fresh, fire-filled words via numerous media outlets, as well as travelling the world to impart divine faith, hope and the love of the Father to His children … and even unto the uttermost parts of the globe!

The LORD is coming back soon, and He is preparing His bride for His return through the lives of Rabbi and Cynthia; who are one in His Love, and Jew & Gentile, one in Messiah!

​​​​​Hallelujah and Amen!

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PRAISE GOD the MRI showed no signs of any growth! Thank you so much for your prayers.
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