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Discovering The Jewish Jesus

God is Supernatural. What does that mean, what does it look like, and what does it imply for you and your relationship with Him? Find out in this series, “God’s Supernatural Presence.” Rabbi Schneider will encourage you to believe for and welcome all that God has for you. Expecting and experiencing the supernatural can be a regular way of life! Be prepared to walk in a new revelation of God and the world around you. Saturate your life with the supernatural presence of God!


All times listed are Easter Standard Time (EST).

Episode 1: Introduction

We have been called into relationship with God. The truth of God’s Word is critical, but to truly know God we must experience His Spirit in our lives. Join Rabbi Schneider as he reveals how we can make experiencing God part of our everyday lives in this introduction to this series.

Day Date Time Network
Sunday Oct. 8 6:30am GEB
Sunday Oct. 8 9:30am God TV
Sunday Oct. 8 7:00pm GEB
Tuesday Oct. 10 7:30am Word
Tuesday Oct. 10 8:00am GEB
Tuesday Oct. 10 9:30am God TV
Wednesday Oct. 11 3:00am God TV
Thursday Oct. 12 1:30pm Word
Friday Oct. 13 2:30pm TBN
Saturday Oct. 14 9:30am Word
Sunday Oct. 22 10:00pm Daystar
Thursday Oct. 26 9:00am Daystar
Saturday Oct. 28 6:00pm Daystar

Episode 2: I Am Already In You

Where do you look when searching for God? If you only seek God in your external circumstances, you miss out on the promise of the Holy Spirit. In the second episode, Rabbi shares the revelation that God is already inside you.

Day Date Time Network
Sunday Oct. 15 6:30am GEB
Sunday Oct. 15 9:30am God TV
Sunday Oct. 15 7:00pm GEB
Tuesday Oct. 17 7:30am Word
Tuesday Oct. 17 8:00am GEB
Tuesday Oct. 17 9:30am God TV
Wednesday Oct. 18 3:00am God TV
Thursday Oct. 19 1:30pm Word
Friday Oct. 20 2:30pm TBN
Saturday Oct. 21 9:30am Word
Sunday Oct. 29 10:00pm Daystar
Thursday Nov. 2 9:00am Daystar
Saturday Nov. 4 6:00pm Daystar

Episode 3: Messiah In You

In Colossians 1:25-27, Paul revealed the mystery that God is in us. But in a world so oversaturated with technology, we are easily deceived by false signs and wonders. Learn how to resist the ways of the world.

Day Date Time Network
Sunday Oct. 22 6:30am GEB
Sunday Oct. 22 9:30am God TV
Sunday Oct. 22 7:00pm GEB
Tuesday Oct. 24 7:30am Word
Tuesday Oct. 24 8:00am GEB
Tuesday Oct. 24 9:30am God TV
Wednesday Oct. 25 3:00am God TV
Thursday Oct. 26 1:30pm Word
Friday Oct. 27 2:30pm TBN
Saturday Oct. 28 9:30am Word
Sunday Nov. 5 10:00pm Daystar
Thursday Nov. 9 9:00am Daystar
Saturday Nov. 11 6:00pm Daystar

Episode 4: How We Enter In

It is so easy for us to be deceived by false signs in the world today. But the good news is that if we stop running from our own anxieties and practice being still before the Lord, we will be led by the Holy Spirit. Join Rabbi Schneider as he shares his spiritual blueprint for turning back to God in the conclusion of this series.

Day Date Time Network
Sunday Oct. 29 6:30am GEB
Sunday Oct. 29 9:30am God TV
Sunday Oct. 29 7:00pm GEB
Tuesday Oct. 31 7:30am Word
Tuesday Oct. 31 8:00am GEB
Tuesday Oct. 31 9:30am God TV
Wednesday Nov. 1 3:00am God TV
Thursday Nov. 2 1:30pm Word
Friday Nov. 3 2:30pm TBN
Saturday Nov. 4 9:30am Word
Sunday Nov. 12 10:00pm Daystar
Thursday Nov. 16 9:00am Daystar
Saturday Nov. 18 6:00pm Daystar
Series DVD and CD

God’s Supernatural Presence

Learn to walk in the presence and power of God!

This encouraging series will be available in video format on DVD or on audio CD.

Experiencing The Supernatural Book

Experiencing the Supernatural

Are you interested in learning more about the supernatural presence of God in YOUR life?

The principles and tactics offered in Rabbi Schneider’s new book, Experiencing the Supernatural, will help readers embrace their authority, resist the enemy, hold fast—and commune with God in deeper relationship and experience. This encouraging and eye-opening book will help God’s children experience the supernatural in its fullness—every day. Click here to learn more!


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