Discovering The Jewish Jesus

Visual Imagery: Key To Revelation

The parables of the mustard seed and sower are just a few of the 37 parables found in the gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke. Why would Yeshua so often speak in parables? One reason Yeshua used parables was for the powerful, personalized visual imagery that they created for His followers. They released impactful, memorable messages with deep meanings that could change His disciples thinking and behaviors.

Even today, our LORD is speaking through visual imagery. If we are not open to seeing and receiving His imagery, we will miss His communication to us. At night He calls us to pay attention to the images in our dreams in order to discover truths and concepts we’ll need to understand for walking by His direction throughout the day. Dreams frequently reveal spiritual realities that we are unknowingly wrestling with. His imagery calls us to discern evil from good, and then take authority over the evil and declare Father’s words and truths over our selves and others.

Father daily beckons us to open our hearts and minds for experiencing His imagery. Perhaps it’s raining and He calls you to imagine the rain as His Spirit cleansing your heart and mind, and pouring fresh love and healing into your heart. I remember my dear elderly friend who would look out the window in the dead of winter and with the Holy Spirit she’d see the trees’ leafless branches reaching up toward heaven in the shape of “Y”s. She’d cry, “Look! They’re all worshipping Yahweh!” God is speaking in our midst, so don’t miss Him today … look, listen and commune!

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