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Trapped…With One Way Out

Recently my precious friend and sister- in-Jesus, Sherri Hardy, came out with me to a remote location in the woods to seek the LORD. As we forged through the woods to return home, we discovered that we were lost and without direction. As Sherri was ahead of me looking for a path out of the woods, I looked down to discover a very large pile of bear dung, indicating that bear could be somewhere close by! I walked onward and shared with Sherri that I had just passed a large pile of bear dung, and at that very moment I looked around and discovered that Sherri and I were trapped by trees and high, deep foliage all around us! With thoughts of a bear nearby and the two of us lost and trapped in the woods, panic set in. My mind ran out of a plan for getting home, and in this trapped state, I knew there was only one hope for us…Look up and cry out to Jesus for the way out! With my Spirit awakened, I cried out to Father God to show us a way out. Sherri joined with me. The next thing we knew, Sherri and I were beyond the high trees and foliage and heading back toward home! Once again, my supernatural Father heard my cry when I felt isolated, trapped, and frightened by forces of evil that could harm me.

If fear and panic are setting in, Beloved ones, LOOK UP and trust Him for the way out! As David said, even when we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, we shall fear no evil, for He is with us (Psalm 23:4).

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