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The Power of Blessing

I cried out to the LORD, “What about Your people? How are we to survive and persevere through the intensity of the End Times?!” It seems as though another level of evil has been released upon the earth, and pain and suffering surrounds us. There are no doctors, nor kings or presidents, that can bring healing and peace to our world. As incense rises upward so my words of prayer rose to our Heavenly Father, and He answered. “Though Satan’s releasing curses, I equip My people during the End Times. My equipment will keep them to the end. My people are to bless.” With His words to me came great revelation.

Comrades, blessings trump curses.

As believers in Messiah Jesus, Father hears our prayers, as incense to Him (Revelation 8:4), and He has assigned us as priests to call down the power and might of blessings from His Heavenly realm. One of our assignments, as His priests, is to speak blessings (Deuteronomy 21:5). I challenge you to do a Bible word search and study on the word “bless.” You will be amazed by seeing the power of blessing throughout all of Scripture! Do you want to change the course of physical, emotional and relational dysfunction…bless. Bless, in Jesus’ Name–your enemies, your ailing physical part of your body, and those you encounter throughout the day. You have the power to bring Heaven down to earth by calling Father’s blessing into every situation!

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PRAISE GOD the MRI showed no signs of any growth! Thank you so much for your prayers.
Debora, New Jersey