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The Mystery of Dreams

This book will help me understand how God speaks to me through my dreams so that I can receive direction, encouragement, and revelation. Scripture confirms that one of the primary ways God speaks to His people is through dreams. In this remarkable book Rabbi Schneider, a Jewish believer in Jesus, shows through personal examples from his own life, as well as biblical examples, how the Lord is still speaking to His people today through their dreams.

Rabbi Schneider demonstrates how we can do the following:

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What People Are Saying

“I am very grateful for your book Mystery of Dreams. It is a helpful tool for my spiritual growth.” – Estella, Germany
“Thank you, Rabbi Schneider, for the book The Mystery of Dreams. Ever since reading it, I have paid attention to the dreams I remember on waking. I have been writing down the ones that I know are from God, and asking Him to reveal to me what He is telling me. He has been enlightening me about many things through them. Some of them were things that I didn’t know I needed to understand. Thank you again, for being faithful to do what God has given you to do.” – Luther

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Rabbi, thank you for boldly proclaiming truth!
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