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The Lion of Judah Book By Rabbi Kirt Schneider


Rabbi Schneider


The Lion of Judah

How Jesus Completes Biblical Judaism and Why Judaism and Christianity Separated

Jesus was born a Jew, lived as a Jew, died as a Jew, and was originally followed by Jews. Yet somehow, Christianity and Judaism are divided. Unearth the history behind this great separation in Rabbi Kirt Schneider’s groundbreaking new book.

Rabbi tells the story of how two religions who worship the same God came to walk very different paths. But He declares a bold truth—They were never meant to be separate.

Learn how Judaism and Christianity will one day unite together under one banner, Messiah Yeshua. Discover how the Old and New Testaments Connect and how Jesus completes Biblical Judaism.

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About the Author:

Rabbi K. A. Schneider is a Jewish believer in Jesus and host of the television show Discovering the Jewish Jesus, which broadcasts into millions of homes in the United States and nearly two hundred countries around the world.

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