Discovering The Jewish Jesus

Stephanie, Arkansas

“The day after my brother went home to Our Lord, we were cleaning his modest home. He had so many books and Bibles, but I found one in particular I felt compelled to read. It was your book about erasing fear from our lives (Do Not Be Afraid). I marked every passage you referred to and could not put it down. I was a lukewarm Christian. I started watching your telecast every chance I got. I can tell you now that YOU helped me find God. I now read the Bible daily. I prayed so hard once I began speaking some unknown language. I have been baptized into the Holy Spirit and it is ALL thanks to you and my God loving little brother. May God bless you and Cynthia for your tireless ministering. Jesus is coming soon, and I am now ready to go with Him!”

Stephanie, Arkansas

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Through your teachings, God has given me a supernatural boost of faith.
Barbara, New Mexico