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Rabbi on Fox

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“My husband and I were getting dressed one morning a few days ago as we listened to the Fox Business Network on television when to my surprise I heard a familiar voice. Rabbi Schneider was a commentator dealing with the question of Politics and Religion! He spoke of our responsibility as Christians to live as Christ would have us live, and how we should be an example to a watching world. Imagine my joy as he was able to give a profound and loving gospel message in the few final minutes of the segment! e reaction of both the hostess of the show, Dagan, and the co-commentator, Father Jonathan, spoke to the loving power of Rabbi’s words. As a supporter of the ministry, my heart is over owing at the wonderful opportunity that Rabbi had to reach others who may never have heard of our Lord. I can only suppose there were many surprised business men and women as God’s love touched them perhaps for the first time that day!” Beverly, Florida To watch Rabbi’s appearance on FOX Business, go to www.Discovering and/or our Facebook page. Be sure to Share with friends and family!

Rabbi on Fox

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