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Craig, Florida

“I have spent the last two years commuting 1000 miles every other month between work and home to be with my family. I was praying because I was headed to a job interview where an offer was on the table. However, there were some things in the job offer that needed to change so that I could be closer to home and my family. I was interrupted by the phone ringing, I answered, and it was someone from your prayer team. The lady simply asked: ‘Can I pray for you?’ Talk about miraculous timing. The offer was corrected, and now I am able to return to my home to work at a new job and be with my wife and children again. Thank you that this time of work separation is over. No more commuting! I am loading a U-Haul and driving back home!”

Craig, Florida

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PRAISE GOD the MRI showed no signs of any growth! Thank you so much for your prayers.
Debora, New Jersey