Discovering The Jewish Jesus

Chris, India

“Over 15 years ago my family converted to Christianity…but, in my heart, I was always an atheist. About 2 years ago I made a decision to make myself read the Bible, but I never believed Jesus as a Jewish Messiah. I finally wanted to love and know the God of Israel, but only without accepting Jesus as the Savior. My heart was not ready to accept Jesus as The Son of God. I was searching for God without accepting THE WAY that he provided through His SON, to get to Him. A dryness prevailed in my life. It was during this time that Father God opened my eyes through Rabbi Schneider. It was actually the turning point in my spiritual life. Through Rabbi, I got to know Jesus more and more. Slowly I got changed and I accepted Jesus Christ as the Jewish Messiah and also as my savior too!”

Chris, India

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