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Carol, Hawaii

“I had been a lost sheep all my life. Raised Catholic, born-again Christian during college, then I converted to Orthodox Judaism (Chabad) and had remained such for more than 30 years. I recently started watching TBN and was led to Rabbi Schneider & Cynthia. I have just begun my walk in Christian-Jewish reconciliation and only Rabbi Schneider has helped me to merge the seemingly dichotomous opposites through Rabbi’s teaching and God’s Love. Thank you, Rabbi Schneider, for educating me and instilling me with the courage to stand before God as merely His daughter who loves and glorifies Him. My relationship with Jesus (by and through Rabbi Schneider’s spiritual education & guidance) is most assuredly bringing about a wiser soul designed to give Jesus & Yahweh ultimate praise & glory. Shalom (for the first time in my life).”

Carol, Hawaii

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Monday was the first day that Karina has not felt pain in her hip, that was the day your ministry prayed for her.
Yolanda, Arizona