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Rebecca, Alabama

“I have been a faithful supporter of your ministry for some time now. Recently I was watching your program when you got down on your knees, looked into the camera and said something like this, ‘I want to pray for some out there that are lonely and tell you that God said He will never leave you or forsake you.’ I couldn’t believe it! I had just recalled that verse to the Lord and here I was hearing you confirm it to me! I know beyond all doubt, it was a word from God through you. I have told everyone who will listen that God spoke to me through you that day. God Bless you, I know His hand is upon you. As long as I am able, I will continue to support your ministry in prayer and tithes. I occasionally have received a phone call from someone in your ministry asking me if I needed prayer. These are calls from REAL people. How comforting to know that your ministry is such a caring one. Thank you all and God bless.” 

Rebecca, Alabama

Rebecca, Alabama

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Rabbi cares so much about people all over the world, the love is overwhelming.
Gloria, California