Inmate Todd

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“Dear Rabbi Schneider, I am a prisoner. I came to prison when I was 47 years old. Prior to prison, I lived for several years in Michigan and kept my airplane right there in a local airport. I worked as a commercial pilot for two different airlines and I was debt free, proud, and God was not in my life. I married a woman I did not love and my 24 year marriage was a mess. When I was sentenced to prison I cursed God for betraying me and I taunted him in every vile and evil manner, hoping He would kill me. I was worse than anyone portrayed in the Bible. Trust what I am saying.

One day while watching TV, the commercials were driving me crazy, so I flipped the station to Church TV. I watched your program Discovering The Jewish Jesus for the first time. I have been watching you ever since. I wanted you to know that you literally rescued me from hell. If I would have died, I would have spent eternity in hell. I just want to thank you. I am indebted to you – thank you so very much. Keep up the good work, you truly are a wonderful man of God, with God’s favor.

In the near future I will be resentenced, hopefully in April 2015. If the judge sentences me within my guidelines, I will be released. I would like to work as a pilot for Gods work in a missionary capacity some place (anyplace) in the world.

Thank you God, Jesus, and Rabbi Schneider.”

Inmate Todd

Inmate Todd

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