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Taste and See that the LORD is Good!

Taste and see that the LORD is good! (Psalms 34:8) Have you tasted? Have you walked in Jesus today to experience life in its depth and breadth? Yeshua is calling us to “taste” and “see” today. He is calling us to let go of doing what we have always done, to get more than what we have always gotten. He is calling us to new heights and depths of life; tasting and seeing as we have never tasted nor seen before. Today we have a choice: we can see this day as every other day, being a day in the weak and oppressed blindness of ourselves and how our society sees; or, we can see as Jesus sees: above and below the surface of life and to experience real, eternal Life… to “taste” and to “see.”

In Jesus’ day, He was surrounded by a blind people who did what they had always done, getting what they had always gotten. He was surrounded by a people who were oppressed and blindly following the ways of their society; never looking up to experience the heights and depths of life or the righteousness of a living God who loved them.

In our recent trip to Kenya, people in very remote areas who had never heard the Gospel of Jesus stopped their daily striving and walked for many miles to come to the Crusade Festival with Rabbi Schneider. They were looking up and they were looking deeper than the surface to find what their hearts and souls needed most… the God of Life and Hope. Around 1,000 persons at these meetings received Jesus into their hearts. Many received supernatural healings and all were touched by the living, eternal God that is reaching down to touch and give “taste” and “sight” to His people.

Cease from your striving today; look up to talk to your Father God! Storm the gates of Heaven in prayer for Heaven to come down into your daily life. You can expect to hear from and experience our supernatural God. For through the blood of Jesus, ALL things are possible. Taste, feel and experience in your inner heart and soul, the living and loving God who’s been pursuing you. Rest yourself in Him who holds ALL things together and who holds all that you need … Life and Love.

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