Demons Are Real

If you find this hard to believe, you are not alone.

Yet many of the problems you deal with come directly from the realm of darkness. They are demonic.

But this is no cause for fear. In fact, there’s freedom in knowing you can overcome these problems! Help is available for you. And you do not have to wait for somebody else to deliver you. With Jesus’ help, you can free yourself.

Join Rabbi Schneider as he walks you through every aspect of the biblical self-deliverance process, including how to:

As you move into Yeshua’s freedom, you will see darkness dissipate–and you will find yourself surrounded by a peace and clarity you have never known.

Let’s get started.

What people are saying:

Tired of living a defeated life controlled by the darkness? This is an enthralling guide to freedom. Walk in it. -Christine

Rabbi Schneider’s insight on self-deliverance is very powerful and I believe that many people will find freedom in Jesus through reading this well written and thought provoking book. -Elizabeth

I want to start off by saying you cannot put this book down once you start reading it .It is very powerful and a timely read for every born again believer. You have to take it all in to help you remain free in areas of your life were the book shows you how to recognize what is holding you in bondage or torment. Using this book Self Deliverance has shown me how to use what I already possess and to walk fully free from satan deceptions and devices Thank you Lord I am free. -Michell

This book will change the way people think about living, Rabbi truly brings out the truth of self deliverance and how important it is for Kingdom living. -Luke

Through this book Rabbi Schneider helped me realize that there is a spiritual battle going on and that through Jesus I can have the victory. -Jessica

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