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Seasons of Remembrance and Rest

Recently I experienced a powerful dream from the LORD. In this dream my 28 year old daughter was in the backseat of a limousine. She was in a heavenly perfect shalom with contentment and joy. She did not know where the driver was taking her, but she knew (had faith) in the driver. She knew that the driver knew the right place to take her and that the places he would take her would bring her great peace, joy, and contentment. What struck me in this dream was my daughter’s resting and trusting in the driver, as a child blindly trusts in her father.

Beloved, in receiving Yeshua, Father God has become your Driver. During these Fall Feasts of the LORD, He is calling us to cease from striving, remember His faithfulness of the past, and rest in His “backseat” to enjoy a supernatural ride to our destination! The Feasts of the LORD are a gift and call of God to disconnect from our usual daily distractions, struggles, and busyness in order to refocus, remember, and REST (trust) in Him. Our Beloved Father knew that we needed the mandate of celebrating His Feasts of Remembrance in order that we would be awakened to the supernatural story that He is carrying out on earth and through our lives. Truly they are an opportunity for spiritual blessing because they help us focus and rest upon God, our “Driver,” and His supernatural plans. Beloved of the Father, let go of your temporal thoughts and plans to seek the LORD through these Fall Holy Days of God. Let’s turn aside from daily distractions and struggles to study the Feasts with the Holy Spirit as our Teacher, and join with others in remembering and worshiping the LORD’s power and faithfulness. As we do, we will come to recognize Father’s Sovereign, unfolding plans in our lives. Our Savior is coming back soon, and Father God is at the wheel, so look up with faith, joy, and trust as you are driven to green pastures and still waters of an abundant eternal life!

See: Leviticus 23:23-35

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