Rivers of Revelation Book by Rabbi Kurt Schneider


Rabbi Schneider


Rivers of Revelation

Revelation received from the Spirit of God always changes lives, because true faith is built on revelation.

In Rivers of Revelation, Rabbi Kirt A. Schneider, host of the popular TV broadcast Discovering the Jewish Jesus, takes readers on a one hundred-day journey through God’s Word to gain a deeper revelation of who God is, who they are in Him, and the authority they have been given as the children of God. Revelation is supernatural, and it is always transformational. Featuring Scripture, teaching, and a prayer for each day, this devotional will empower readers to grow in their relationship with Christ, experience more of God’s power in their lives, and come to know Him in a deeper, more intimate way.

  • Each day features a scripture, a prayer, and insightful Bible teaching from a respected Messianic voice
  • Helps readers grow in intimacy with God as it serves as a resource for their daily quiet time

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What People Are Saying

“I’ve been reading your book Rivers of revelation daily with my 8 year old daughter and it has been so inspirational. So much so that it has inspired her to get baptized and serve our Lord Jesus.” Pedro, Alaska
“Rivers of Revelation has ministered to every spiritual and emotional need.” Lucy, Florida
“I have some devotionals and most of the time I forget about what I read in them quickly but Rivers of Revelation is different. The words really reach my heart and I think about it often during the day. I feel that the exhortations come directly from Rabbi’s personal experiences and his hearing from the Lord.” Sigrid, California
“My son and I are using Rivers of Revelation as our devotional, on our 40 day prayer challenge. It is changing our lives and our relationship with God. The anointing leaps off the pages in our spirit.” Barbara, California
“Thank you for writing such an inspiring book- Rivers of Revelation. Through it, God has given me new hope and new faith.  Your prayers after each chapter have been my delight.” E., Pennsylvania
“Rivers of Revelation is down to earth, practical, and applicable.  I ordered 3 more for gifts.” Jane, West Virginia
“My prayer is that God’s love fills my heart more each and every day and that His will is known and I hear Him – Rivers of Revelation is meeting my prayers. I read it every morning and after reading, I have quiet time to listen and reflect. This book is amazing and a great blessing in my life.” Dean, Pennsylvania
“Rivers of Revelation is blessing me and others so much. It is helping me to continue to grow in my walk with the LORD. Jesus, Yeshua is pouring revelation into my soul as I continue reading it-day by day. I have learned so much.” Bonnie, Indian
“When I read the Day 1 devotional in Rivers of Revelation I was completely taken aback! In so few words such a profound realization was conveyed that I was shocked, so much so that I had to share it with others. I have continued on each day, finding that in each a profound message is realized. Thank you so much for producing this devotional. Clearly God’s Spirit is strongly present in this book’s message.” William, Virginia
“I am reading your book every day of the year and I love “Rivers of Revelation”. This book is priceless to me; it fits me so well and is so precious to me! Thank you for writing it, I will use it daily.” Delores, Minnesota

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