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Re-Parented By God

When born again (John 3:3-8) the Spirit of God’s light and revelation comes in to shine upon our darkness and our blindness. Father God’s love and light in our heart and soul serves to overwhelm and drive out the darkness and blindness that dwells within us. Jesus uses the terminology “born again” to reveal that we are to start our lives all over! Just as a child is born into this world physically, with a father and mother to love, nurture, and show them the way through life, so you are on a journey of being “re-parented” by the LORD your Creator and perfect Father! Jesus most frequently referred to the LORD as His “Father,” and He taught us how we are to pray by beginning with, “Our Father…” (Matthew 6:9). What a light and a hope we have that we can be “re-parented” the right and perfect way! Yes, what a joy to be called, “Children of God” (I John 3:1)!

I challenge you this week to begin a new walk with Father by frequently envisioning yourself as a newborn baby who knows nothing of who he is or what his world is all about, except by looking up and gazing into all-loving Father’s eyes. Remember, your new parent has no guilt, no shame, and is FULL of unending love, joy, grace, and compassion. This new parent of yours holds you, and He has all knowledge, all wisdom and almighty power over EVERYTHING!! This is your new perfect parent Who’s eyes you are locking gazes with throughout the day. The blood of Jesus has washed away the past, to begin a new relationship with your perfect parent, Father God, today. Lock gazes with the One Who is never worried and always confident in the future. He will show you the way as you cling to Him to the end!

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