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Push The Reset Button: Begin With The Mind

“Yes, ma’am, I will get those oxygen tanks out to your dad’s apartment tomorrow morning.” The serviceman promised to deliver me the portable oxygen tanks for my elderly father Saturday morning, but Saturday morning came and went, and no oxygen serviceman appeared at our door. Day in and day out, I am faced with the reality of broken promises, broken people, and the fallible world which makes promises, and yet fails to deliver what was promised to me.

In the midst of the overwhelming emotions of anger and frustration that are triggered each day as we encounter our very broken world, the LORD calls us to push the reset button on our brain. He says, “I told you it would be this way, and even greater so in these end times. Pull back from the emotions of this situation, look up to Me, and move forward with the end in mind. I am the beginning, the middle and the end.

Release the broken people and broken promises and put your trust in My Son, your perfect sacrificial Lamb. He destroyed the power of evil and brokenness, and released My unconditional love and forgiveness into your heart. Release the wheel to Me, and let Me go before you. Watch, listen and follow as I lead you in every situation.”

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Monday was the first day that Karina has not felt pain in her hip, that was the day your ministry prayed for her.
Yolanda, Arizona