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Pray, then, in this way: “Our Father who is in heaven, Hallowed be Your name.” Matthew 6:9

We address God as our Father, but do we truly know God as Father? Knowing God as “Father” involves an intimate relationship of child-like love and trust. So on a scale of 1-10, how well do you know God as “Father”? Recently, the Holy Spirit revealed that images of my imperfect earthly father were hindering knowing my Heavenly Father. He penetrated my heart with these words of Himself as my Father:

I embody the extreme of all human emotions, not like your father –
Passionate, pure love, not like your father.
Passionate compassion, not like your father.
Passionate mercy, not like your father.
Passionate joy, not like your father.
Passionate humor and laughter, not like your father.
Passionate, deep empathy, not like your father.
Passionate jealousy for you and all I love, not like your father.
Passionate anger and fury against evil and our enemies, not like your father.
Passionate demonstration of righteous power and authority over all, not like your father.
Passionate forgiveness, not like your father.
I am the sacrificial, passionate Lover of your soul, not like your father nor any other man. I am your Father, and you are Mine.

Oh, LORD, may Your passionate love and righteousness fill me and overwhelm me. May I live a life of passion to love what You love and hate what You hate. I love (passionately), because You first loved me. – 1 John 4:19

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I am so happy that I have found Jesus again!
Delores, Georgia