Discovering The Jewish Jesus

Upward in Messiah Jesus

“We have heard with our ears, our fathers have told us the work that You did in their days, in the days of old. 2. You with Your own hand drove out the nations; then You planted them; You afflicted the peoples, then You spread them abroad. 3. For by their own sword they did not possess the land, and their own arm did not save them, but Your right hand and Your arm and the light of Your presence, for You favored them. 6. For I will not trust in my bow, nor will my sword save me. 7. But You have saved us from our adversaries, and You have put to shame those who hate us.” Psalm 44:1-3, 6-7

As you march onward and upward in Messiah Jesus, you will not lose. Though darkness surrounds you, you will NOT be overtaken nor defeated. His Love conquers all… trust in Father God’s Son, Whom He sent for you, to save you and to re- deem you, specifically. Trust in Father God’s Love, which reaches down amidst all the odds that are against you, to grant you favor and victory. March on; leaning on your Beloved One, to the finish line… not my will, oh LORD, but Thy will be done! Amen

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