Discovering The Jewish Jesus

Mbale, Uganda

Pastor's Conference, Thursday through Saturday:
Rabbi taught and ministered to nearly 2,000 Pastors from the surrounding area.

Sunday: District Leaders Breakfast:
Rabbi spoke the truth with boldness and love.

Those in attendance included:
The RDC (Resident District Chairman) – Representative
of President Museveni, The Deputy RDC, Mayor of Mbale, Prime Minister –
Representative of the King of the Region, a General from Ugandan Army.

Rabbi held a specific meeting with the new believers to encourage them to continue with their new walk with the Jesus.
Rabbi led a special Baptismal Service for the new believers.

Each new believer was assigned to DJJ trained discipleship ministers 
 for follow up.
Discipleship training will take place at area Strategic Centers.
After completing Discipleship Training, each new believer will be connected to a local church.

From a Leading Pastor in Mbale:
“Our City atmosphere has changed as a result of the Crusade. We have never had a Crusade such as that in Mbale where people were thronging the gate, running to the front to receive Jesus into their lives - including Muslims, wow, praise the Lord.”
Pastor John Wandera, Mbale, Uganda
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