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Meditate on Beauty

The purest form of beauty is found in You, O LORD: You are true beauty. Your purity, perfection and righteousness are beauty. You are beauty in motion- living, moving and active beauty. I love to sit in Your beauty.

You are undefiled by the twisted darkness of this world. Open my eyes, O Lord, to see Your creation in its purest essence. This world is overflowing and exploding with Your beauty. Deep beauty results when a sin-tainted heart and soul are transformed by You. You take what Satan meant for evil, and You cleanse- making whole and strong.

Open my eyes, O Lord, to see Your life beaming brilliantly into this world, beaming new life and new hope. Death where is your sting? For even death is defeated, through the Blood of my Savior. Open my eyes, O Lord, to see that everything on this earth was created for You and me to enjoy, and have dominion over. You created this earth, in its continual motion, with perpetual change and bubbling up of newness. It breathes of You – my Creator. Your essence, breathed into this world and our earthen vessels is beauty.

Perfect love is Your essence. Lord, breathe Your essence and identity into my being, and I will drink of Your unending wells of love.

Messiah In Me – Beauty in its fullest form

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