Discovering The Jewish Jesus

Heaven in Our Midst

Satan and his cohorts are continually working against us to rob us of the life, joy and color, which Yeshua has purchased for us. Color and beauty are not appreciated in our every day lives.

We can change this dynamic! The Holy Spirit is calling us to start each day by spending time with Him each morning for the purpose of seeing the face of Heaven in our midst. As you spend time with Him, close your eyes and talk to God. Express your deepest thoughts and emotions; release all things to Him. Seek forgiveness for not thinking of Him first over all other things. Ask Him into your heart, mind and emotions! Listen for the LORD’s subtle voice through impressions, words, or pictures as He speaks into your heart, spirit, or mind.

God desires us to be alert to His presence around us and in us. It is time to appreciate the sun when it’s shining and experience the innocence, security, and joy of a child. It is time to revel in all of the colors that surround us! Shapes and structures such as trees and buildings can stimulate our artistic senses. Do you hear the birds singing today? The LORD’s beauty is all around every moment of every day!

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