Discovering The Jewish Jesus

“Many are the afflictions of the righteous, But the LORD delivers him out of them all.” -Psalms 34:19

My heart yearns to experience Heaven on earth. I want no more evil, no more pain, and no more tears. But presently we exist in clay, mortal vessels that experience a war zone on earth! Here on earth, we live in separation from the perfection of our Holy Creator. But the good news is that with His Spirit received into our fragile, imperfect clay vessels, beloved, we taste of Heaven and bring Heaven onto earth!

Yeshua says, “Come follow me.” Yeshua’s way is the way of the Cross that leads to Father’s resurrection love, life, and light released onto earth. There is no experience of Glory without a Cross. The good news is that Father equips you for all of your afflictions. Recently the LORD released the word, “FORTITUDE,” into me. I felt His power in this word. Fortitude means courage and strength in adversity. In applying Yeshua’s sacrificed Blood against the darkness that oppresses us and in receiving His Spirit revelation, beloved, we overcome. Fortitude is experienced when we yoke with Yeshua and all of His resources against every challenge we face. Yeshua and His Disciples did not face every challenge in their lives by summoning up their fleshly strength, but rather, by summoning the Word and Spirit of the LORD along with all of Father’s Angels. All that is Yeshua’s is ours. Through applying Yeshua’s Blood, along with Father’s massive love, Word and Spirit, you cannot lose any battle. Righteous ones, your afflictions in this earthly battlefield are many, but be not afraid. Father’s Word and Presence faithfully delivers you into the depths of Father’s victorious Love and Life!

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