Lira, Uganda

Report on Thursday’s morning Pastor's Conference:

• Powerful teaching on 3 Covenants in Scripture.
• Powerful response of repentance in the pastors—they were on their knees with tears and crying out to the LORD to correct their hearts to minister out of their love for the LORD, and not out of personal gain or religious obligation.
• There were close to 2,000 pastors at the Pastors AM meeting.

Report on Thursday Night's Crusade
• A large crowd ​of between 15,000 and 20,000 people attended.
• The ​people were engaged and crowded to the front to hear every word spoken.
• Rabbi and the DJJ team felt great love and oneness with the people!
• Good connection between Rabbi and our guest singer from Nigeria (famous throughout all of Africa)—which may lead to DJJ crusades in Nigeria.
• Residential District Commissioner (Ugandan President's Representative) welcomed Rabbi in Jesus' Name. He stated that his Lira district needs this DJJ ministry outreach which unites this district under the name of Jesus and His peace.
• Rabbi opened by teaching the people the Shema, which they​ loved and sang BEAUTIFULLY! Spirit of God moved powerfully upon Rabbi and the crowd!
• Rabbi imparted with power and anointing the love of God and the gospel.
– 200 ​received Jesus as LORD & Savior!
– Rabbi taught on healing and began to sing in the Holiness of God.

• The Spirit of the LORD filled the air and was visibly thick and present upon the people!
• ​The LORD's presence began scattering the enemy as demonic manifestations were manifesting throughout the crowd.
• Deliverance took place through Rabbi's words, the ministry of the Ugandan pastors, as well as some on stage. What followed were physical healings:
– A man who had just been at the hospital, with an IV port in his arm, for medications due to his left leg not bending & straightening, was instantly healed—moving his left leg freely on stage. He said he wanted to receive Jesus right then and there, on stage—Rabbi led him in a prayer to receive the LORD Jesus!
– Next, two people, who had witnesses, testified of being deaf & dumb, and they began to hear and talk! The one's sister was in tears, stating her brother has not heard nor talked for the past 16 years!

​Pastor's Conference Friday AM

Today Michael Hardy, from the Discovering The Jewish Jesus Ministry Team, preached at the Pastors' Conference. He ministered powerful words of life to the pastors, by teaching on the Passover.

A delegation from Mbale, Uganda, later met with Rabbi to express their deep appreciation for all that he brought to the January Mbale crusade:

• They gave powerful testimonies of how God changed the city through Rabbi's ministry there.
• The Christians from different denominations and churches were not previously working together, but since working together in preparation for the crusade, they are experiencing an increased power & presence of God, all due to their unification of the church in Mbale!
• There was also an older man who came from Mbale to thank Rabbi for his salvation, which came during Rabbi's preaching at the Mbale crusade!
• There was testimony from a woman who was healed at the crusade, as she had a diseased right arm, which was instantly healed at the crusade!

Hallelujah, thank You, LORD, for these testimonies of fruit for Your Kingdom!!

Crusade Report Friday PM

• Rabbi began teaching forgiveness, to release the one that has hurt or abused the individual. The people responded in droves to the altar!
• Rabbi was in the Spirit of God from the moment he walked on the stage, connecting with the people immediately.
• From the teaching on God's forgiveness through the Blood of the Lamb, we moved right into worshiping the Lamb of God around the throne. Glory filled the air.

Rabbi moved into teaching and releasing Jesus' healing:
• As he stretched out his arm to deliver Jesus' healing, with prophetic singing & music, manifestations of demons, in the Presence of God & His healing, were happening all throughout the crowd.
• Some of the individuals who were being tormented with demonic activity were brought up to the stage for deliverance.
• A deaf and mute man came up to the stage testifying of a surge like lightning going through his body, thrusting him to the ground.
– When he recovered, he could hear from his left ear and began to speak!
– Rabbi prayed over the right ear, and he began to hear and speak what was spoken to the right ear!
• An anointing of healing the deaf & mute has come upon Rabbi over the last two crusades. Hallelujah!!!
• After seeing and experiencing the manifestation of the Glory and power of God, hundreds prayed to receive the LORD and went to a tent for ministry from the local pastors.

Pastor's Conference Saturday AM

Rabbi taught the pastors on Our God Who is the Eternal LORD, Incarnate LORD, and the Written Word. After giving clarity on this God of the Old & New Testament, Rabbi called on the Holy Spirit in song. The glory of God came in thickness among the pastors.

• Reports came forth of visions, such as water like rain, and a brilliant white light in our midst.
• Pastors also reported receiving a new power and encouragement from the LORD through the teachings & Spirit of God, which brought them empowerment for ministering back in their churches.

Crusade Report Saturday PM

An all-time record number of people attended tonight's crusade—nearly 20,000! The crowd was engaged in every song and every word spoken by Rabbi as the Spirit of God led him from the beginning to end of the crusade!

The Spirit began by wooing Jesus' Bride to Himself, through Rabbi's song & words.

• Hundreds came forward to receive Jesus into their hearts.
• Rabbi taught on the focus of our prayers being unto our Father, Who loves them.
• Rabbi again called for those moved to receive the LORD into their heart, and again hundreds came forward!
• As Rabbi taught on healing, releasing Jesus' healing to the sick, immediately manifestations of the demonic popped up in individuals all throughout the crowd.
• After the workers and pastors had ministered, it seemed the majority of them received deliverance.
• A woman, seen earlier at the New Believers Seminar with crutches, ecstatically threw them up on the stage:
– She leapt and jumped to testify of God's healing her left leg.
– She had an infection from an unhealed multiple leg fracture, from a motorcycle accident, and the LORD instantly released her from leg pain and reduced mobility!
• A young lady who was deaf & mute that was delivered of demons on stage last night came up on stage in a state of peace & joy:
– She began to hear tonight when Rabbi blew the shofar.
– She clapped the number of claps heard from behind her, perfectly demonstrating her ability to hear!
• Another woman that received deliverance last night came up to report her healing tonight.
• And most provable of all, a lady carrying an X-ray of her injured left shoulder, reported that she did what Rabbi taught last night - walking in faith of Jesus' healing power:
– She removed the sling on her left arm and began moving it in faith.
– The LORD healed this arm instantly, and she came back today to testify and demonstrate her mobility to the arm & shoulder!

Sunday Parliament AM

Rabbi and Discovering the Jewish Jesus team were very warmly welcomed this morning!

• The Member of Parliament who represents Uganda in support of Israel stated that Rabbi prayed over six Parliamentary delegates last year, and since that time they have all been promoted within Parliament.
• He had met Rabbi at the airport upon arrival to receive Rabbi's prayers, and today he traveled six hours to be present with Rabbi.
• Rabbi delivered a sharp word to quicken the minds of the Ugandans into thinking strategically and with vision for improving their society.
• The diplomats were taking notes and stirred to improve their lives and society, with the LORD as first.

Sunday Crusade PM

Tonight the crowd was massive… it extended out and filled the field.

• The Holy Spirit was powerfully present! Random demonic manifestations throughout the service, along with more healing and deliverances, and a crowd that was on fire with love for Jesus!!
• Again, as Rabbi taught on the End Times Return of Yeshua, hundreds were responding to receive Jesus for the first time in their lives!!
• Such deep hunger and thirst for the Holy Spirit drew rivers of fire and water from Heaven upon the people!!
• It ended with singing "How Good and Pleasant It Is For Brethren To Live Together"; with Rabbi teaching them to sing it in Hebrew! It was beautiful!

Monday baptism AM

Baptism this morning was beautiful.

• Rabbi taught on the full meaning of what these new believers were doing through the ceremony of Baptism.
• Hundreds were baptized—their sins washed away, and new life arose in them! Hallelujah!

Altogether there were 1,247 people saved for the first time!
Lira, Uganda

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