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Light and Sight Defies Darkness

Every day we feel the gravitational pull downward, not only physically, but also spiritually. Although the physical downward pull of gravity is necessary to live on this earth, we continually have to fight against the gravitational pull to look up, stand erect and walk. Physical exercise makes us strong in resisting the gravitational pull. Likewise, Beloved, every day you and I must exercise spiritually in order to overcome the heavy downward pull that we feel within ourselves that comes from this world of darkness and chaos. Each day, in order to stand erect in hope, peace and joy, we must receive into our heart and soul the Light of God’s Chesed (unconditional, sacrificial, unending love) that breaks in from above. Just as the sun that beams down every day to give us life, so Father’s Love beams down to destroy darkness, give us spiritual sight, and feed us with His strengthening Truth. As we celebrate Hanukkah or Christmas this month, let us resist the dark downward pull of negative thoughts and receive Yeshua’s supernatural Light that has broken into our world to overcome the darkness. When you awaken in the morning and defy gravity by lifting up your head and body, let this trigger your response to defy the pull of dark thoughts. Spiritually exercise by looking and reaching up to say, “Cleanse my heart, mind and soul by Your Spirit, LORD. Thank You for Your Chesed love, Father, and lead me, as a caring Shepherd. I am not alone and I fear not, for You are with me and before me in every step.”

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