Discovering The Jewish Jesus

Ashes into Beauty

Beloved Saints of our Father God: keep pressing into Yeshua, Jesus! You are making a difference. Do not let the false witnesses and false reports of the enemy tell you that you just keep failing and that you are not making a difference. You are vessels of the earth carrying the Spirit of God in a dark, fallen, and blinded world. Of course it is difficult and of course you will stumble and fall, but the difference between you and the world is that you have been chosen and called out with the Blood of Jesus covering mistakes and failures to transform even your ashes into beauty.

Precious Ones of God: we are taking the message of Jesus’ Love and power to Third World nations who are crying out for God. Sadly, they have no money to pay for these crusades. Please pray for the LORD to raise-up appointed donors to fund the crusades and the broadcasting of Discovering The Jewish Jesus. Pray for all obstacles to be removed so that the crusades, and God’s purposes for them, will be fulfilled. Pray for the Spirit of God to reign in and through Rabbi, myself, and the Discovering The Jewish Jesus team. Pray for the crusades to have impact to set the captives free and for Yeshua’s Bride to be readied for His return! Hallelujah and Amen!

We love you deeply, oh Saints of God; we pray for the LORD’s blessings to flow freely into your hearts!

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