It’s Not Your Burden

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Recently the Spirit of the Lord awakened me from a deep sleep saying, “It’s all mine. Everything is mine.” With His words He was speaking peace and telling me to let go of EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. We easily become deeply entangled in trying to control and hold onto people, circumstances and commodities, thinking that somehow this will bring us peace. But our Father is speaking a different word to our souls. Striving to control our environment results in coveting and spinning our wheels into a deeper rut of pain and struggle. The truth to be seized in our hearts today is that everything is the LORD’s and we need not feel the heavy burden of securing or protecting anything nor anyone. Right now, take a deep breath of the Holy Spirit, and exhale all of your burdens into Yeshua. Leave ALL concerns there at the foot of the cross for Him to take and transform into His beauty and goodness. Father is calling you and I to release the fears of losing control and losing anything or any person. For in truth all are His and not ours. From Him, through Him and to Him are all things (Romans 11:36).

May our Father carry all of your burdens today, and may He, your Comforter, comfort you and lift you up in His Spirit above all circumstances. May His Angels go before you, and His Spirit move the mountains for His will to be done. He is faithful to complete His good plan in your life, your loved ones’ lives, and even His ministry through your life. It’s His burden to carry today, not yours. So shalom shalom, Father’s perfect peace beyond all circumstances be upon you.

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