Discovering The Jewish Jesus

It’s a New Day! (Re-Parented By God, Part II)

EVERY day is a new day created by God, with new ways and opportunities to rise up and overcome darkness. Last month we looked at John 3:3-8 and discovered how God grants the opportunity to begin life anew in Him (i.e., to be “born again” of His Spirit). Jesus most often refers to the LORD as “Father” (e.g., Matthew 6:9) which calls us to discover God as our new parent, Who has no guilt and no shame. Our new, eternal Father re-parents us from a place of pure compassion, unconditional love, joy, grace, and yet also all power, wisdom and right ways that produce unending life! Oh what a joy to be called, “Children of God” (I John 3:1)!

Last month’s challenge was to envision yourself as a newborn baby who looks up to gaze into your all-loving Father’s eyes and believe that that is who you are. Our identity is formed through the eyes of our parents. So now, through the blood of Jesus, the past is washed away, and you embark on a new journey of knowing your perfect parent, Father God, and who you are through His eyes. Continue to seek to lock gazes with the One Who is never worried and always confident in the future. Reach up, as a child, to release your concerns to your confident Father and take His hand. He will show you the way as you cling to Him. Let His Spirit carry you into His peace that passes the understanding of this world, and follow Him. Your Father is strong, all-knowing, and trustworthy, and He loves you.

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