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In a recent dream, my sister and I were swimming in a lake when suddenly I realized that we had gotten close to where there was a waterfall drop off. I warned my sister to keep away from the waterfall drop off, but nonetheless, she swam into a small whirlpool of water that would soon pull her down over the falls. Her head sunk under water and I went into a panic trying to get my arms to reach down and grab her and rescue her. I could not get the message to my arms to move and reach for her. Seeking her salvation from impending doom, I desperately kept repeating, “The blood of Jesus, the blood of Jesus” over and over. Suddenly my sister popped her head up out of the water, and swam to safety.

As I shared my dream with my husband he said, “It sounds like you can’t save your sister.” I saw it clearly: none of us can rescue those we love by our own strength. The power we have resides in spiritual, intercessory war faring prayer.

In desperate times, we see friends and loved ones struggling. With the gift of the Holy Spirit’s revelation, we can often see what others cannot, and yet our words and efforts to help sometimes seem to have no effect in moving mountains of troubles. Beloved, your power resides in spiritual intercession and warfare. The blood of Jesus destroys the enemies of lies, curses, disease and death, and your call for the LORD’s Spirit and Angels bring the supernatural resources that save and transform life situations. Precious ambassador for Messiah, you are not called to save, for Yeshua alone is Savior, but know that through your spirit-filled cries and prayers you are moving the Father to work on earth. Rest in Father’s good plan being fulfilled through His supernatural power.

“Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the LORD of hosts.” Zechariah 4:6

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