Gulu, Uganda

As Jesus entered into Jerusalem the people laid palms before His feet (John 12:13). Jesus was celebrated for the gift that He was to the world. One can only imagine what it was like for Jesus that day, but we saw a glimpse of it in Gulu, Uganda.

Thousands lined the streets, melodies filled the air, and the people rejoiced in the songs of the Lord as Rabbi entered the town. The Bible says, “When you receive a prophet in the name of a prophet you receive a prophet’s reward” (Matthew 10:41). This was demonstrated in Gulu. Record number crowds of 25,000 received Rabbi each night at the crusade. The Kingdom of God was truly invading Gulu. Cripples walked, the deaf heard, and most importantly – thousands were saved! Rabbi had a word of knowledge that Jesus would heal a child. The next night, a couple brought their young daughter forward to testify of what God had done. For two months, she had been feverish, lethargic, and barely responsive. Jesus had healed the girl and brought life back into her body again! As Rabbi gave altar calls, thousands ran forward to receive Jesus. The local Pastors came together as one - in such an amazing way. Over 1,500 Pastors and Church leaders gathered to receive an apostolic blessing from the Lord through Rabbi, but God wasn’t finished. The next two days, from the lowest levels of government to the highest, Rabbi was invited to speak into their lives. The District leaders and local officials gathered together to receive words of instruction and wisdom, from God, on how to lead their country. Then God supernaturally arranged a meeting to bless and speak into the life of Her Right, Honorable Kadaga, the Speaker of Parliament for all of Uganda. Praise the Lord! God is using Rabbi to bring the Kingdom of God, in both the spiritual and physical realms, to the people and the governments of the world.

A Personal Revelation While in Gulu.
“I received clarity on feeling the love of Father God, feeling the love for His people, and feeling the love of his people for Him and I. I realized that it is not the signs and wonders or miracles that I first desired to see; It is just God's presence, His beauty, His love, and whatever way He wants to show Himself - is just fantastic!

We are all thankful for the cross-eyed woman that saw, the deaf ear that was opened, the paralyzed girl that can now walk, and the demons that fled; but that’s not what really fills my heart with satisfaction. It’s the love that I felt with the people: His love for them, my love for them, their love for Father God, and their love for me. That is what is really fulfilling for me. Some seek after supernatural signs and wonders and healings; I just want God's Presence and His Fullness and that dimension of His beauty - love and peace. The signs and wonders - He blesses us with those - but it’s His fullness and His relationship that is really what is meaningful and satisfying.”
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