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Going Beyond Ourselves

Jesus used the terms: “The Kingdom of God” or “ The Kingdom of Heaven” interchangeably throughout the Gospels – one hundred and
five times! In comparison, Jesus only mentions the word “Church” a total of three times. Now consider, in light of this fact, that in most of our Churches today we hear the word “Church” used repeatedly, but the words: “The Kingdom of God” or “Thee Kingdom of Heaven” rarely, if at all. Which, according to scriptures, is significantly disproportionate.

Beloved, when we think of the primary message of Jesus, we typically consider it to be centered on our own personal salvation. us, when we hear the Gospel, we tend to look at it through the lens of: “How does it affect me? What is in it for me? What will it mean for me? What will it do for me?”

Our human instinct tends to filter life in such a way that we relate to everything by how it a affects us. We too often interpret our circumstances, and what is happening in other people’s lives, through our selfish and carnal nature.

I understand that our relationship with Jesus is very personal and that He loves and cares for each one of us – individually. But, if our whole focus in our daily walk with God is just about us – we are missing the main message of Jesus.

We all know the story – Jesus came to John the Baptist to be baptized at the river Jordan and immediately afterward, He was led away into the wilderness for forty days and forty nights. When Jesus came out of the wilderness He began His ministry with these very insightful words:

“Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” Mathew 4:17

Beloved, it is essential that we wrap our hearts and minds around this. We need to shift our paradigms in order to embrace this reality; that the message that Jesus brought is much bigger than just being about us. Jesus is calling us to get a mindset that looks at every aspect of life in a way that it is not primarily focused on us individually, but rather the glory of God and the Kingdom of Heaven.

Start today by changing the way you perceive the world around you from only a personal viewpoint and how it impacts your life. Instead, focus on having a Kingdom View that causes you to begin seeing everything through Kingdom eyes. Ask Father God to help you keep in mind that Jesus taught us to pray:

“Your kingdom come. Your will be done, On earth as it is in heaven.” Matthew 6:10

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