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A K.I.S.S. from God (3)

Praise God for the fresh year of 2015, birthed into existence by the Mighty hand of Elohim, our Creator God!

Do you sometimes feel desperate, alone, and void of any hope in yourself and anyone else around you? Are you often wondering how you can go on in the face of all of the pain, hurt, and dysfunction that exists all around you? Elohim, Creator-God, has seen it fit to birth the year of 2015 into existence. What this means to you is this: there is hope. He is crying out with a message of hope for a new day, hope for a new way, hope of creating order and function out of chaos and dysfunction, hope for healing the hurt and pain, and hope for a deep in-filling of your soul that longs for love, relationship and fellowship.

God has come down to man, for the forgiveness of all sin and darkness, which weighs us down. Yeshua makes way for a deep and fulfilling love relationship with our Creator, Father God. It is 2015 and our Messiah has prepared the way for a new year of Hope … K.I.S.S.

Keep seeking Me in intimacy, making Me your #1 priority
I am in you and I give you life and joy; through receiving Jesus, you receive Me
Sing to praise, thank and petition Me
Shalom- rest in Me and My control, for I am transforming all things into good

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I was very impacted by your Live Broadcast via the Internet.
Gail, Ohio