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Fall Feasts of the Lord 2018

Our LORD loves us with the love of a perfect Father who guides and shepherds His children into ways that will produce strength and joy in their lives. Father God lovingly continues to call us out of our everyday, mundane, fleshly survival and into His higher supernatural experience of life. Father’s call to celebrate seasons of remembrance, or The Feasts of the LORD, bring us out of our everyday struggles to remember Him and His supernatural involvement in our lives. The Feasts awaken us to a renewed confidence in our God Who IS in control and Who has a divine plan for our lives. They give us new vision, hope and direction. The Fall Feasts lift my heart and mind to look up with great excitement and expectation of my Savior’s return. They awaken me to the truth that Jesus is returning and that suffering and sin on earth will not prosper, but will end. The Fall Feasts call me to be cleansed and to become a readied Bride whose oil is burning with a lovesickness that will call our Beloved back!

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Feasts Of Israel

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I am so happy that I have found Jesus again!
Delores, Georgia