Discovering The Jewish Jesus

Experiencing the Supernatural, and Excerpt from Chapter 5

All of us have felt pressure to perform—from ourselves and other people. I remember being in a church one time and standing in line to receive prayer. The ministry person put his hands on my shoulders and prayed for me. Then he pushed me. He tried to push me down as if I were falling under the power of the Spirit. I did not feel anything of a spiritual nature in this experience, and I was not going to fall down because it was part of his agenda. He finally stopped pushing me and moved to the next person in line.

I do not know that prayer minister’s motive. Was it to look good? Was it a need to perform on his part? Was it a belief that I would be better off for it?

One thing I do know: There is no satisfaction in faking a supernatural experience. God comes on people at times, but we cannot control—nor do we have to control—where and when He comes. Sometimes I know that someone is going to be healed, but I have no idea who it is. And I am relaxed about this because I know that I cannot heal anybody and it is up to God. The point is, if we are going to experience the authentic supernatural presence of the Holy Spirit, we cannot give in to the pressure to try to make it happen.

It is important when moving in the supernatural not to let it be a burden or a place of anxiety or fear. You do not have to prove to anyone who you are. In fact, walking in the supernatural begins with knowing who you already are. Before Jesus did any miracle, He knew who He was. His identity had been confirmed by the Father’s voice: “You are My beloved Son, in whom I am well-pleased.”

Being Spirit-conscious means doing your best to remain at peace. You step out as you are led, and your faith leads to experience. I like to think of the fire and cloud over the Tabernacle (see Numbers 9:15–22). Whenever it stayed in place, the Israelites stayed in place. Whenever it moved, they moved. Whenever it stopped, they stopped. I want to encourage you to look at God’s leading like this instead of being driven by nervousness, fear or ambition. Follow the witness of the Holy Spirit.

Quite frankly, the Lord can do something supernatural in us or through us at any time—sometimes when we least expect it; oftentimes when we do not deserve it. Anybody can experience a miracle: Balaam’s donkey talked to him. To walk in the supernatural consistently, however, we must cooperate with the spiritual principles of the Kingdom.

The Holy Spirit is on earth right now, revealing the Father to you and revealing the Son to you. If you are not looking for Him, if you have not trained your spiritual senses to recognize Him, then He can be knocking on the door of your heart all day long, but you will never know it.

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