Entering His Presence

Entering His Presence

What if you’re just one experience away from having your whole life changed?

After reading this book, you will never be the same again. Through the immense power of prayer and biblical teachings in this book you will be renewed, strengthened, and encouraged by God’s great and mighty Spirit.

Discover a deeper place of entering God’s presence through the power of the Word and Spirit. Entering His Presence instructs readers on how to connect with the Lord through prayer and then guides them on a journey to enter His presence with one hundred devotional meditations from the written Word of God.

Readers will be spurred on to new growth as they receive fresh revelation each day. Through the teaching of Rabbi Kirt A. Schneider, host of the popular TV broadcast Discovering the Jewish Jesus, readers will be challenged to move into a deeper place of abiding in God’s presence, where there is peace, healing, cleansing, hope, and renewal.


Special Features Included:

Each day includes Scripture, a prayer, and a devotional

One hundred devotional meditations from the Word of God offering keys for experiencing God’s presence

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About the Author

Rabbi K. A. Schneider is a Jewish believer in Jesus and host of the popular television and radio show Discovering the Jewish Jesus, which broadcasts into millions of homes in the United States and nearly two hundred countries around the world.

What People Are Saying

“Rabbi, your new book Entering His Presence is one of the most challenging, needed books i have ever read. I must say it is the most needed discipleship booster I have ever encountered.” – David, Pennsylvania

“Rabbi, your new book “Entering His Presence has really touched my life. It has helped me to remember the things that I once did and had stopped doing.” – Linda, North Carolina

“Rabbi, I just cannot put this book down – Entering His Presence. I wanted to let you know how endearing this book is to me. It is probably the most inspiring book I have read lately and I’ve read many.” – Yvette, New Hampshire

“Rabbi, I am reading your new book  Entering His Presence and I’m welling up with tears – not sad, just feel the Lord with me. I am going deeper in spirit and receiving Him in my inner being. The presence of the Lord is all over every word.” – Dot, England

“I loved Rabbi’s book – Entering his presence – there were times I felt dry and times when I felt far from God and I would read a daily devotional from the book and it would literally bring me into Gods presence.” – Jamie, Texas

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