Don’t Miss The Moment!

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Have you ever found yourself so preoccupied with such heavy, distressing thoughts that when you walked in the woods or were surrounded by children playing you missed the moments of joy that surrounded you? Are there people reaching out to you with actions of love, but your negative thoughts are preventing you from seeing and receiving the love? Are there nights that you miss a peaceful sleep due to fearful, anxious thoughts? It’s time we ruthlessly pursue seeing and experiencing the goodness of God in the land of the living (Psalms 27:13).

During this season of remembrance, let’s declare war on Satan’s fearful, anxious thoughts that steal our joy. Yeshua pierced through our dark world to bring us supernatural hope, salvation and light! I, for one, have missed too many precious, joyful moments because of anxious, fearing thoughts. Let’s seize moments throughout our day to say, “This is the day and the moment that the LORD has made and He has filled me with life in this moment! I rejoice knowing that Yeshua remains on the Holy throne and surrounds me with the beauty of His creation. He’s given me Himself to receive forgiveness and love from. He’s given me people to forgive, love and live life with.” By the blood of the Lamb, we let go of deceiving, prideful, fearful, and anxious thoughts to awaken to each moment of life that we have been granted. Let’s seize with joy and thanksgiving what’s here now but gone a second later. We must not keep missing the moments of joy Father’s giving us in the land of the living.

In Jesus’ Name I reject seeing tormenting perspectives and I worship You, the One who reigns over my small world of woes. My beautiful and awesome Savior, You sit on the Throne and surround and fill me. I breathe in, open my arms and open my eyes, ears, and heart to experience and embrace YOU here and now. I embrace Your goodness in the land of the living!

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