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A K.I.S.S from God (1)

Who are you? What is your essence? You are the creation of a relational God, who has designed your main essence and purpose to be relational: in relationship with God and with others. This is a fact that cannot be denied. Every deep pain and dysfunction of man is related to the lack of experiencing loving, caring relationships with others.

Rabbi and his team travel to the poorest of poor areas in the world and have witnessed that when people are poor, but in loving, caring relationships with God, family and/or others, then there is joy and a strong drive for life. If we watch the lives of those who are wealthy, perhaps full of knowledge and intelligence, and maybe even famous, we will observe their lives end in despair, disease and death without a loving relationship with God, family, and/or others. Our Father God, Who built us, created us to be relational and in relationship with Him. He knows that nothing else will satisfy the deepest longings of our heart.

Receive His “K.I.S.S.” today:

Keep seeking Me in intimacy as your #1 priority. I AM in you is what gives you life and joy. Sing to praise, thank and petition Me.
Shalom – rest in My control and perfect Peace.

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GOD has changed many lives through your messages in our village.
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