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The One I trust, He says, “Look into My eyes and come into Me.” He says, “Come into Me, and I will come into you. Bring all of your sin, your failures, your mistakes, and your darkened heart and mind. Bring all of your shame and generations of lies and deceptions that you bear.” The One I trust says, “Bring your hidden thoughts and all of your tears. Keep your gaze upon My eyes and bring all of your baggage into Me. Come into Me, for I am your Kinsman-Redeemer. I am your sacrificial Lamb and have poured out My blood, removing the consequence of death from you.

My living water cleanses and washes away the consequence of death and destruction, and I transform your ashes into life and beauty. I take your sin into Myself, and in the fire of My love all darkness is destroyed.

Come into Me with all that you are, for I am your Shepherd Who keeps you safe and carries you to our loving Father to receive His outpouring of Love and your inheritance of Glory!”

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Through your teachings, God has given me a supernatural boost of faith.
Barbara, New Mexico