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Be Of Good Cheer

My loving family of God, be of good cheer and gird your loins in the Gospel of our LORD and Savior. Yeshua (Jesus) has gone before us to pave the path to our Father’s Love. As we humbly fall to our knees each day and receive forgiveness for our sin of thoughts that are without regard for our Creator, we receive Father’s love and identity.

The LORD is truly our Shepherd and our compass. Be of good cheer, for we are in exciting times. We, more than ever before, hold the powerful keys to TRUE identity – which the world is desperate to find. In the same moments that the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage, Rabbi was preaching to the Kenyan people that their TRUE identity is found in having a relationship with Father God, their Creator. Be not intimidated by the foolishness of man who live apart from the knowledge of our Creator. Living apart from God, who created all things and created man, there is no life-giving knowledge, nor wisdom.

All is but filthy rags destined to fall and leave man in utter despair. Be of good cheer, oh Saints of the LORD, and proclaim the Gospel with boldness; for His Light is shining even brighter in the darkness, and He is coming soon!

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