Awakening to Messiah

In Awakening to Messiah, which has just been revised and formatted for easier reading, with a few additions from the books former version, Rabbi K.A. Schneider takes you on a personal journey, revealing how the Lord has appeared and has spoken to him over the past 30 years. You will vicariously experience some of the challenges he has faced as a Jewish believer in Messiah, including being kidnapped by a famous deprogrammer who hoped to destroy his faith in Jesus.

More importantly, he shares lessons that the Holy Spirit has taught him, causing you to both consider and confirm your own beliefs. In this true adventure, you will discover how the Old and New Testaments connect like a hand in a glove!

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What People Are Saying

“Rabbi, your books Awakening to Messiah and Experiencing the Supernatural were so inspirational and enlightening to my Christian growth! My faith is now stronger than ever!”
“Rabbi I am reading your book that was sent to me Awakening to Messiah. It is wonderful, it strikes a chord with my beliefs as well as getting to know myself more in relationship to Jesus, our Messiah. I want to thank you and your dear wife for doing what you do and for standing in agreement with so many people. Blessings of joy, health and prosperity to you both. Thank you! so much!”
“I am thankful to you and your ministry. You have encouraged me in so many ways. In 2014, the Lord awoke my spirit to write and share my story about my dark place. For years I felt oppressed by the enemy, trapped in a prison. I praise the Lord that He delivered me! However, I was afraid to share my story but when I read your book: Awakening to Messiah, your book encouraged me to move forward. Rabbi, in your book, page 120, you said” Sharing your experience is a great witnessing tool because it is difficult to dispute someone’s personal testimony.” Today, I am a Published Author: Spiritual Awakening to Divine Deliverance. Thank you for allowing the holy Spirit to use you and Sister Cynthia to encourage others. Keep on doing what you are doing!” Esther, Maryland
“I recently read your book “Awakening to Messiah” and was amazed you had such a difficult life! I’ve loved learning from you about Jewish people through history and even through your life. My eyes have been opened and my hunger for more understanding, and grace, continue!” Jan, Oklahoma

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