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In the intense times we live in (people running to and fro, the stress created by an increase in knowledge and technology, fear of terrorism, as well as many struggling with a crisis in personal identity), I pray for you to keep your first love through an allegiance to a daily, set-apart time with the LORD. Remember that Your Beloved Creator created you for Himself, and He has your owner’s manual.

During my “set-apart” times I seek ways of laying down all of my weaknesses, failures, worries and cares at the feet of Jesus, in order to enter into intimate relations and connection with my Almighty Father God. Recently, the LORD connected me with Himself through meditation upon I Cor. 6:15a, “Do you not know that your bodies are members of Christ?…” Members mean “appendages,” as in His arms, legs, etc. Yes, in Messiah Jesus we are integral parts of the LORD! As the Spirit took me into this reality, I saw myself as His finger. I saw, through the eyes of my heart, the LORD in bodily form, and I saw His loving Being extended into me, His finger. His loving, Almighty Being filled me and He released His love and light unto me, giving me revelation and understanding about specific situations I am in.

Oh precious ones of the LORD, I pray today, that you see yourself connected in Spirit with Yeshua, and that you see yourself as His finger pointed into this world. As Messiah’s appendage, release Father’s unconditional love and light into every situation that He has called you to.

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