Discovering The Jewish Jesus

Accra, Ghana

In It became clear that Accra was unlike any other city Rabbi and his team had ever visited. They immediately felt a very heavy, oppressive spirit of darkness and poverty, but God was faithful.
The Lord opened the door for Rabbi to strengthen His Church by ministering in three powerful services:
• First Service: Rabbi shared his personal testimony and closed with a Jewish Blessing and a mighty impartation of creativity, releasing the Holy Spirit’s power over the people.
• Second Service: Rabbi preached about how to have greater intimacy with Father God through the prophetic example of the ancient Tabernacle.
• Final Service: Rabbi taught on the healing power of God, demonstrating it by releasing Jesus’ healing power to the sick.
Many were touched by the Holy Spirit with manifestations of healing and supernatural joy!
• A man with constant pain in both knees for 17 years was jumping up and down praising Jesus. His pain was gone!
• A lady was healed of stomach pain through a Word of knowledge given to Rabbi!
• Many accepted Jesus as their Savior.

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