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20/20 Vision in 2020

Our ability to survive and function well in life depends upon our sight. As we move into this year of 2020, our ability for survival and life depends upon our heightened spiritual vision. Visual acuity requires light shining upon the cornea and lens, which is then accurately focused into the retina, with sensitive nerves, and a brain that accurately interprets the information received from the eyes. Beloved of Messiah, with heightening lawlessness, nations rising against nations, and other signs of perilous times in which people lose all spiritual vision and fall into fear, self-centeredness, sexual abominations, violence, chaos and hopelessness, we must have God’s 20/20 spiritual vision to survive. In 2020, we must focus the Light of the Holy Spirit upon our hearts with sensitivity to His Spirit, and accurately interpret all information received with the Word of God. Wake up every morning and, with intention and dedication, open up your spiritual eyes to let His Light in. See as God sees, in the spiritual realm, that you would have hope in our Savior, Who is still saving you every moment of every hour and every day. Yeshua is not a one-time Savior, so open your spiritual eyes to see that He is your Savior over and over and over again in this year of 2020. Let Him shine His light and ways on your heart to redeem you and give you new hope. Every morning use your mind that has been renewed by the Word of God to interpret all that you see and hear, and share this Light with others; for TRULY, Yeshua IS the Savior, and He is saving every moment of every hour of every day!
“O God, restore us And cause Your face to shine upon us, and we will be saved.”-Psalm 80:3

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