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Olela, Kenya, Africa

“This young man was a commander of all thieves in the town. He was a thief for a long time. He had been stealing from many people. Last night he received the word from Rabbi. He didn’t sleep through the night, and called me in the early morning. He said, ‘I want to receive Jesus Christ because yesterday I listened to the Word of God from Rabbi, and I will not have peace until I receive Him.’” Pastor Karachi, Kenya, Africa

“I feel totally free. I had disturbed the people of this town so much. I stole from the church this week and I felt convicted after hearing Rabbi preach the Word of God. Yesterday I was a thief, but today I am a follower of Jesus Christ.” Olela, Kenya, Africa

Olela, Kenya, Africa

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I have told everyone who will listen that God spoke to me through you.
Rebecca, Alabama