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I wanted to share something that I hope will encourage you. The Lord encouraged me to start listening to Be Strong and Courageous—Do Not Be Afraid (one of my favorites, by the way). As I was listening, I felt I was supposed to start listening to SMW 1 on the way to work. Tuesday morning I had my tire pressure light go on and I really didn’t feel like dealing with it. I put on SMW 1 on the way to the tire place (I ended up having some serious problems with the tires). Anyway, I was able to stay in a place of peace and able to see how the Lord protected me and I was a light and witness to the managers at the tire place. Even though that is the first SMW it still has a huge impact. Thanks so much for your love and obedience to Jesus.


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Monday was the first day that Karina has not felt pain in her hip, that was the day your ministry prayed for her.
Yolanda, Arizona